What is Team Advantage?

Team Advantage is the original team coaching program designed to accelerate winning business results.
For more than two decades, our coaches have partnered with teams from a variety of industries to deliver stellar outcomes.
This program is the secret advantage for leaders who seek to have their teams work together in new, meaningful and more fun ways.

Team Advantage benefits

Focuses on business outcomes

The program blends day-to-day business with critical performance measures.

Builds leadership skills

Team leaders work with a coach during customized leadership development.

Creates ownership of results

Teams form a game plan that they are committed to executing.

Produces sustainable results

Teams learn how to fish and can reproduce all elements of Team Advantage.

Increases communication

The program promotes high-level team communication.

Promotes fun

Daily celebrations fuel teams and create momentum.

Team Advantage is for any leader with a team and a goal. It’s a proven process, with challenges and rewards, that will drive your team past typical corporate objectives to new levels of engagement and commitment. You can transform your team — and your organization — with Team Advantage.

Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager® and Leading at a Higher Level

Team Advantage for

Coaches seeking certification

The team is the most important unit in an organization, and Team Advantage maximizes productivity and produces tangible results. Become certified in Team Advantage and join the growing global community striving to coach 10,000 teams in the next five years.

Team Advantage for

Leaders developing teams

Our professional coaches are trained to support teams and team leaders as they move toward achieving an extraordinary goal. Because Team Advantage is replicable, sustainable and measurable, it is much more effective than any one-time team building event.

Find out how one company’s organizational changes resulted in unprecedented improvement in both employee engagement and core leadership competencies.

By the numbers

Years pioneering team coaching
Extraordinary goals achieved
Team members coached
Coaches trained

From the founders of Team Advantage

Darelyn ‘DJ’ Mitsch

Team Advantage is the complete coaching process for team transformation.

Barry Mitsch

The Team Advantage process is replicable for all types of teams.

Team Advantage process

Phase 1: Assessment

The foundation of the process is a thorough review of the team and team leader before coaching begins.

Phase 2: Kickoff

The workshop lets teams form a game plan, solidify agreements and accelerate communication.

Phase 3: Coaching

The coach guides the team through the storming period and the team eventually norms and performs at high levels.

Phase 4: Celebration

Teams learn to acknowledge success and celebrate their achievements in reaching an extraordinary goal.


  • The project accelerated goal attainment and produced significant results, leaving a sustainable impact on team leaders and team members
    by improving collaboration, team focus and performance.

    Anne Whitaker
    Executive VP and Group Chair, global pharmaceutical company
  • Team Advantage worked so well in my organization that I decided to become a certified trainer. To participate in a true organizational transformation on the player side and now to participate from the coaching side gives anyone who ‘plays’ with us a leg up on their competition.

    Frank J. Ancharski
    Former general manager of Lifetime Fitness
  • Team Advantage is an evidence-based group coaching process that enables the acceleration of team development to achieve high performance.
    It is a method every team coach should master.

    Felipe Paiva
    Artisan Consultoria

Selected Clients

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