Team Advantage for companies

Our professional coaches are trained to support teams and team leaders as they move toward achieving an extraordinary goal. Because Team Advantage is replicable, sustainable and measurable, it is much more effective than any one-time team building event.

Benefits for organizations


Team Advantage provides the blueprint for team coaching that can be used over and over by teams and team leaders.


Coaching is the secret ingredient that produces sustainable changes in processes, behaviors and results.


Team Advantage is tied to business goals that are easily measured.

Team Advantage is for any leader with a team and a goal. It’s a proven process, with challenges and rewards, that will drive your team past typical corporate objectives to new levels of engagement and commitment. You can transform your team — and your organization — with Team Advantage.

Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager® and Leading at a Higher Level

By the numbers

Point increase in employee engagement in less than a year using Team Advantage
Percent reduction in overtime expenditures while using Team Advantage
Return on investment using Team Advantage to increase customer retention

How Team Advantage helps organizations

Darelyn ‘DJ’ Mitsch,
creator of Team Advantage

Team Advantage is the accelerant in a successful change-agent program that boosted employee engagement by 30 points in less than a year.

Craig Flanagan,
Global Lead of Business Operations

Craig explains how Team Advantage is a replicable and sustainable process for corporations and how his team at Sanofi benefitted from the program.

Allison Crumpler,
senior manager, Novella Clinical

After becoming certified, Allison coached eight teams in the first year. Results were so visible that other teams now want “what that team has.”

Learn how a large commercial-sales company used Team Advantage to foster leadership, promote cohesiveness and find creative ways to execute business plans.

Team Advantage works for companies that are:

Navigating the chaos of change
Launching a new product or service
Grooming new team leaders
Merging with another company
Seeking to boost sales performance
Looking to have more fun


  • Team Advantage had a positive impact on our employees. Morale began to increase with the teams. Once they saw how we were collaborating, they began to engage more cross-functionally with each other.

    Service Center Manager, health Insurance company
  • I was able to capture market leadership with new product launches, lead change initiatives, and keep an intact culture of accountability. My team was inspired to work hard and give more for each other. There is no other training like it!

    Leadership Development Manager, contract research organization
  • Simply put, we got a lot done. Team Advantage helped us focus on the things that were most important in maturing our leadership team and setting a foundation for bigger accomplishments to come.

    CEO, technology sales company
  • As a new manager, Team Advantage has been a simple process that makes my life and my representatives’ lives easier. It is not just one additional thing we need to do but a way to make each of us more efficient and better at all the things we have going on.

    Therapeutic Sales Manager, pharmaceutical company

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